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Using the principles of Lean Thinking we help your business create its own unique culture of continuous improvement and a common strategic vision that focuses everyone on achieving sustainable performance improvement throughout all levels of your organization.

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We show you how to deliver the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost.

Through our experience gained by serving more than 70 clients in both New Zealand and Australia, our approach creates a results-oriented learning environment that brings continued financial and organisational benefits.




We offer a free scoping visit where we meet with you to understand your goals and to gain a basic understanding of your organisation. This helps us to understand the opportunities you have to improve your operation and gives a guideline of the how we would structure a Lean Implementation plan unique to your business.

We strive to understand what you need and find the most suitable solution.



With the rapid growth and increasing demand of Lean Thinking expertise from Simply Lean Business Solutions we are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Auckland based consultant Alvin Lim.

Alvin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and has been trained by one of Toyota's renowned Sensei.


He has 15 years international experience through Lean Alliance Pte Ltd, Total Flow Asia, and the Kaizen Institute Singapore, with recent local experience through KPMG.


He has been responsible for business development, and delivery of Lean Thinking training and implementation across various industries such as automotive, logistics, manufacturing, service, food and beverage, healthcare and semiconductor industries. This includes Lean Training and Development roles for BMW China, Nestle, and Delphi Automotive.


Alvin further strengthens the Simply Lean Team and brings a new dimension to the development of our northern market and the service we are able to offer to clients.


Latest News: NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme

Simply Lean is delighted to announce that it has been approved as a Registered Service Provider under NZTE's Capability Development Voucher Scheme. The scheme is designed to provide assistance for businesses to engage assistance to develop and improve their performance through training workshops, courses and coaching. Full details of this scheme are available through the New Zealand government business website and can be found by following this link:

NZTE Capability Development Vouchers